Welcome To My World...

thank you for coming to experience my site.

hopefully these photos and short films inspire you to actively explore our planet and actively protect those with no voice.

i’ve had the privilege to explore the world. wander amongst predators and penguins…and engage with cultures that one usually only learns about through books or television.

the common thread of it all…is that our planet is glorious. and absolutely epic in its beauty and harmony. yet wildlife and nature is under threat. from us.

we have the responsibility to protect this world, so future generations can experience the splendor that came before us…is struggling to stay with us…so that these future generations can live amongst the natural world which helps make this planet…our lives…our joy…help have meaningful purpose.

so while many people think camping in antarctica in -40 degree weather with 40 mph winds is crazy…maybe even stupid. and many of my friends think rolling around in penguin poo or elephant dung is less then appetizing…to say the least. or living with an inuit and going out in a motorized kayak amongst truly epic glaciers. IT IS ALL WONDERFUL. INSPIRING. AND GLORIOUS.

Getting out of our own world. our own head. and wandering amongst the symphony of nature…is truly pure joy.

so go ahead. get uncomfortable. somewhere. somehow. someway.

and pursue your dream. NOW.

for the real risk in life, is not taking one.


April 5, 2016
Roger Fishman
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