Top 10 Rules For Adventure Travel....That Increase Your Odds Of Coming Home In One Piece.

stupid mistakes happen.

however you can avoid or minimize them. if you plan properly.

so the purpose of this journal entry is not to share my stupid mistakes. that’s too self deprecating.

rather the real purpose is to help you plan ahead so you can minimize bad decisions while on your adventure.

so let’s start with the most important part of the trip. thinking about what can go wrong that would ruin your trip.

that’s right. think negative. think horrific. think life ending.

ok. i am joking.

kind of.

when you plan, it’s important to think ahead. and learn from all those that have tried stuff before you. so here’s my top 10 rules for adventure travel.

rule #1-SICK.don’t get stupid sick. like don’t drink cow’s blood  just because you can. and i mean that..because i tried to do so.

rule#2-POTABLE WATER.don’t drink water from a tap, river, lake or puddle. especially the puddle.

rule#3-ROAD KILL.don’t eat road kill. fresh or stale. just don’t do it.

rule #4-PREDATORS.don’t be close to predators when they are hungry. unless you are an olympic sprinter that can also climb trees.

rule #5-MOM AND CUB.never get between a cub and its mom. trust me. sometimes this happens to me when i get between my wife and our son..and it never ends well for me.

rule #6-PHONE.leave your phone at home. you’re on an adventure holiday. and if you can face time while you are away, just know that you are not having an adventure. you’re having a vacation.

rule#7-HIPPOS. yes i am giving you hippo advice. always give a hippo the right of way and get out of its way out. never crowd it. NEVER. remember…two tons…meaning 4,000 thousand pounds of hippo…will outrun you and will knock your silly little mocoro over every single time.

rule#8-CROCODILES. yes i am now giving you crocodile related advice. should the hippo knock your mocoro over. and you are now freaking out while in the water….don’t worry. the crocs will finish you off.

rule#9-LISTEN. to everything your guide says about safety. and ignore 100 percent of what they tell you about what an animal is thinking. i don’t even know what i am thinking most of the time. how the dickens would any human being know what an animal is “definitely” going to do.

rule #10-DUNG/POO/SHIT. sometimes you have to roll around in it to get a fantastic shot. and it is always worth it. so go ahead. roll around and have some fun!

May 17, 2016
Roger Fishman
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