The Falkland Islands...Go Visit And Create Planet Joy In Your Heart

so i absolutely love love love the falkland islands.

did i say love three times?

well. i did. and i have been there three times for a total of 6 weeks.

the falkland islands for me, are a perfect hybrid combination of scotland and the galapogos islands. why do i say that?  because scotland is beautiful. just glorious. parts are wide open and wind swept. and it can be rainy and give you a whirlpool massage (or battering) of wildly wind. with skies that can ever change and are as wide open as the heart can imagine. there are clouds that form poetry in the sky and can instill love, create fear and cause one to cry for joy just of their sheer existence. the galapogos islands are a wildlife heaven. a dream on earth. animals. birds. sea life. galore. everywhere. and i do mean everywhere. and fortunately the ecuadorian government has done an excellent job protecting this rare and inspiring environment.

the falklands are an equal part mix, stirred and shaken of these two environments. and the total land mass…which i believe is slightly smaller then the state of connecticut (4710 square miles vs 5543 square miles) has an approximate population of 2,000 people of which approxiamtely 75 percent live in the capital of stanley. while connecticut has a population of about 3.6 million people.

the falkland islands history is rich….simple and or complicated depending upon whom you ask. and whom ever you ask on the falkland islands….know that you will always be treated kindly with a smile. for these folks are some of the most wonderful you will ever meet.

and the wildlife and birdlife is so magnificent that your eyes and brain will bulge and burst  with the magnificent wildlife smorgasbord. you like birds…go. you like birds that are penguins…go. you like walking on empty beaches with penguins….go. you like sea lions and elephant seals…go. you heard of albatross but don’t know what they are or look like….then go and find out. you like hiking on cliffs overlooking the ocean…then go. you like quiet time to reflect, read, write, think or simply feel life in a stirring and calming environment….go.

the falkland islands are pure love for your senses and for your soul. and for finding your way back to your heart and soul.

trust me. you will go for the scenery and wildlife and the people. and you will find that during and after visiting, you will be in touch with a part of yourself that created a new place of serenity, a new location of joy in your heart that i call Planet Joy.

May 15, 2016
Roger Fishman
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