The 10 Percent Rule

over the years, i’ve created different ways to think about life. and how i can make a positive difference during my time on this planet.

so i created the 10 percent rule. the premise is simple. relative…not absolute. which is that we can do many things 10 percent better or different with nominal effort. and get a high return on these efforts that feed our soul. here are my examples.

  1. tell my wife and son that i love them 10 percent more times per day (which, actually, may be impossible or just too irritating for them to hear)
  2. eat 10 percent less crappy calories (this one is easier then you’d think….as it actually means eating just 3 less M&M’s in a package or having one less fork full of triple berry cake)
  3. work at least 10 percent more effectively and in a more focused fashion (which means less news reading)
  4. tell my friends that i love them 10 percent more times then i do right now
  5. save 10 percent more money/spend 10 percent less money (bye bye some outdoor gear)
  6. use 10 percent less water when i shower
  7. be 10 percent kinder (more opening doors, letting cars get infront of me, buying coffee for a stranger)
  8. give 10 percent more time, money to those in need through charities or volunteering (or do 10 percent more pro-bono work then last year)
  9. enjoy life 10 percent more every day…by simply doing and worrying less of the less important stuff. and appreciating more of the obvious good stuff.
  10. give 10 percent of each sale of each photograph to animal related non-profits. yes. that’s what i do.

of course these 10 percent rules can be and should be customized to your goals. so go ahead. make your list. keep it focused on priorities. and see how much fun and how easy it is…to be successful living the 10 percent rule

June 20, 2016
Roger Fishman
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