My Three Bets In Life. What Are Your Bets?

there are only a few bets in life truly worth making. that are game changing.

bet #1.

this is where you bet on yourself. simply put, if you don’t believe enough to bet on yourself…no one else will either.

your odds of achieving your goals increase as you invest time, effort and smarts into your goals. as they say, the harder and smarter i work, the luckier i get.

bet #2.

this is the partner you marry and or commit too. this is when you bet on each other.

this is your truth serum. the loved one that is on your side and who tells you the real truth about your efforts and ideas–not the truth you want to hear– in a way that you are open minded and open hearted to this loving input.

bet #3.

this is practicing caring and kindness to others. this means getting outside of your own head and desires to help others. whether it is simple stuff or big stuff…reach out…share kindness…share caring…be genuinely interested in others…express gratitude…and help make other people…people you do and do not know…have a better day.

July 30, 2016
Roger Fishman
Water as Art
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