Life 180

life 180.

what is it..and what am i writing about it?

good and fair questions. so let me try and explain.

as we grow older…we tend to gain validation from external resources. and compare ourselves. not toward the progress we have made toward our life’s goals and dreams…. but how we compare against our peers, our neighbors, our families expectations.

and stuff becomes more important as a surrogate and distraction from what matters most to each of us.

life 180 is about turning toward yourself. and taking the time to breathe. and focus on what is important to ourselves…and that makes our life feel like it is worth living. a life that has purpose. a path that demonstrates progress. that puts relationships….family…friends…community…nature…at the centre of our lives. does that mean other things are not important? of course not. it just means that deep, loving, caring relationships are what centers us…what keeps us safe and inspired…what brings us joy and laughter…what makes the journey worthwhile.

why am i writing about it?

because our society encourages us to work long hours. to always be on. and always be available. and to drive us to consume more. spend more. be judged by having more. if it is new. it is better.

yet more is never enough. because more is never the answer.

what we want is to be loved for who we are. what we have been through. scars. wounds. and tears.

what we want is to be vulnerable with those that love us. safe. protected. loved. and part of something bigger then just ourselves.

what we want is to be known.heard. respected. and embraced especially when we are vulnerable.

what we want to do is try and live the best version of ourselves. and to be kind to ourselves when we don’t make our own grade.

what we want is to explore our dreams. or at least try and make progress toward our dreams.

we want a better tomorrow. or at least a tomorrow that is as good as today.

so turn inside. do a life 180. so you can rediscover. rekindle. and actually reignite…what you want to be. how you want to live. and then turn outside and live your best self. with truth. self honor. and kindness and purpose to the world we live in.

we all want to walk in our own truth. live our own truth. and ultimately know we are true to ourselves. and the relationships that are important to us.

and ultimately we want to know that our limited time on this planet, is time well spent for ourselves and for those whom we touch both.

July 22, 2016
Roger Fishman
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