"He Looks Just Like My Dad..."

a few years ago,  i was in homer alaska and i was on my way to go camping with grizzly bears at the mcneil river game sanctuary.

i was staying above a bakery…thinking that it would be a great place to wake up to smell fresh baked goods…and that morning time would be quiet time.

however i seemed to have missed a few cues… from the 20 something year old women working at the Two Sisters Bakery here in Homer, Alaska.

i mean…they were all kind. helpful. some had super cool piercings and tattoos. plus the place had a really special vibe. and i felt like i fit right in…yeah right.

well the place does smell great early in the morning. and they do start early. 4 am early. and they also enjoyed their music turned on and turned up…to create some energy for themselves.

yet for me, that blaring 70’s and 80’s music just served to wake me up early….so while my nose was happy, my head and ears were much less so.

so….i eventually came downstairs. and ordered some breakfast food. and the baked goods were literally right out of the oven.everything was so warm and tasty… that this culinary heaven made me feel like the early morning 70’s and 80’s  music wake up call was well…worth it afterall. especially as i was the first and only customer at that time.

then i turned to leave. and as i began to exit the bakery to go back to my room I heard one young female employee say to another….

“He looks just like my dad”.


Real nice:)

May 19, 2016
Roger Fishman
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