Diary - Going To Antarctica: Day 2

Today is gear weighing day.

That’s right.

Today they weigh my gear.

Normally being weighed is not an issue…personally or professionally.

I am always trying to stay on the lean machine side.

This time…however…it’s not so easy.

Here’s why.

The limit for this trip is 55 pounds.

And for every pound you are over this limit…they charge $30 USD/pound.

Now understand, this is the weight limit if you are only staying for 5 days/nights.

I am staying for 14 days/nights.

And when your camera gear weight 50 pounds and every pound over that limit cost $30/pound..now you can guess that I will have an overage weight  problem.

For example, my hand and foot warmers weigh 7.5 pounds by themselves.

Add therma care and wet wipes and you add another 5 pounds.

Plus just my camera bag and north face bag weigh 6 pounds.

So I am already at 68.5 pounds.

Oh yeah.

I need to have clothes too.

So add 15 pounds more so as not to freeze to death.

Now I am at 83.5 pounds.


That hurts.

That said…it is what it is.

June 3, 2016
Roger Fishman
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