"Burning Daylight"

recently a good friend used this term….and i learned two things.

one is that it was the title of a jack london book written over 100 years ago.

two is that the urban dictionary definition of “Wasting time, hesitating when something should be done quickly. Literally, letting the day go by while you are waiting to get started.”

burning daylight is literally wasting our time on things that don’t matter. that aren’t important. that don’t move us forward.

burning daylight is literally lighting our time and thus our lives on fire. and wasting them.

so whenever an urge comes over me to do just that….i think of my friend. who almost never burns daylight.

though he might burn the candle on both ends.

sorry. could not resist.

and i always remember to get on with getting on…to what matters most and to my goals.

so here’s to not burning daylight.

but rather to illuminating ourselves and our souls…to get closer to our truths and to our dreams…and to live them.


June 22, 2016
Roger Fishman
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