"Brain Tickle"

a brain tickle is what happens when an elephant mock charges you for the very first time.

it is the feeling you get when you first see the a momma polar bear come out of its den with its cubs.

a brain tickle is what happens when you pull 100 pounds of gear on a sled across in white conditions in antarctica all in order to see emperor penguins and their chicks.

it is the feeling you have when you crawl toward a family of cheetah…and they walk toward you to check your vulnerable sorry butt out.

a brain tickle (maybe a brain freak out) is what happens when you are in the water with a lot of grizzly bears as they hunt for their fresh salmon sushi.

it is a feeling of knowing that you are a small–even a tiny sliver–of the universe and therefore a blessed sliver to be able to bear witness to all this glory.

so go ahead.

get your brain tickled.

somewhere. somehow. someway.

because now is the moment. to have some fun.

May 22, 2016
Roger Fishman
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